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/ December 5, 2016

Brides go to great lengths to choose their wedding gowns and the dresses for their bridal party. Why not wear a unique statement-piece accessory? On your most special of days, why not bedeck yourself in a piece of art and nature and feel extra special? Instead of (or in addition to!) bridesmaid bouquets, let your bridal party wear necklaces or bracelets made from succulents or fresh or dried flowers! Instead of corsages, maybe your loved ones would like to wear a floral bracelet or ring.

Florist Vases Wild brings us all of these pieces, which use 100% real botanical and floral elements. Nothing is artificial. Each piece features a combo of fresh and/or dried flowers and botanicals, and/or succulent plants. The dried flower pieces will last for a long, long time if treated gently. The pieces with succulent plants can be worn for a few months, and then the plants can be removed from the jewelry structure and grown on as keepsakes.