Styled Shoots

/ July 24, 2017

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from the photographer… “One word: revived. Too many times do we see wedding shoots that all look the same. The goal for this styled wedding shoot was to give new life to what has been done so many times. With a little moody, bohemian charm we tackled the test of stylizing this shoot to show just a little more than the usual. At our private residence in Florence, TX we used good ole Mother Nature to inspire the design of each scene. The tablescape is the epitome of a fairy tale. The décor consisted of items including several types of moss, deer antlers found on the property, and the family silverware. Who says you have to go to the store to find beautiful wedding décor? For the sweets table we added some vintage charm with a few old China pieces, a chandelier and a rustic gold table. Add a light touch of succulents to the mix and voila! We’re in business! Believe me when I say everything tasted just as good as it looked!”

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“The ceremony setup was meant to be simple. The huge oak tree was the perfect spot for this scene. Not all altars have to be extravagant; dreamcatchers made a great background and really gave the bohemian feel. They are super easy to make, too! Too bad none of us were ordained! The couple could’ve just gotten married right then and there! Our final scene was meant to showcase our beautiful models. They were engaged so it wasn’t hard at all to get them to act like they love each other and the photos show it! I believe couples’ photos don’t need a lot of extra ‘background noise’ per say. All you really need is an open area and LOVE and I promise you magic will happen! Not much was bought for this shoot. Most of the time we have beautiful things lying around at home that we don’t even think of using for a wedding! Shop in your house. Use the landscape around you. You will uncover hidden treasures.”

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