Styled Shoots

/ August 3, 2017

FEATURE KortneyBoyettPhotography_HeadTable1_low

from the designer and planner… “We are embracing nature’s elegance with this intimate Geode shoot. I am sure you have heard of The Laurel wedding venue in Texas? From the looks of these photos by Kortney Boyette Photography, you will want to fully immerse yourself in this season’s timeless wedding story. J. Scott Events designed a stellar geode fairy tail that is gushing with details of not just any old love story. Every last peony—from the eucalypts table runner to the eye-popping bridal bouquet were hand crafted and styled by Valecia Wilson of VW Couture Styling + Design. Have you ever heard people say that they couldn’t wait for the wedding season to be over because wedding planning was just so stressful? We’ve never understood that. It’s a time to get to know your beloved, and plan for your future, not just your wedding day. With The Laurel being the perfect backdrop for any wedding day, the venue made the color palette of bright purples, blues, soft pinks, turquoise, gold’s, and greens come to life! Dandelion Cheesecakes out did themselves yet again with tiered cheesecakes adorned with edible crystals and stones while lying on top of custom cake stands by the creative Linda Shobe of Chanticleer Wedding Art. This shoot came together so flawlessly; it was amazing to have a team of vendors so talented and dedicated to their specific trade.”

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