Styled Shoots

/ January 31, 2017

FEATURE Citrus Garden Styled Shoot-130

from the vendors… “Light, bright, and decadent were the keywords when designing the florals for this fun, colorful, and modern, but classic shoot. Incorporating citrus was a no-brainer, but I wanted to convey a certain tart, sweet, playfulness with the flowers as well. I wanted your cheeks to hurt from smiling! I chose fun colors, textures, and designs to keep things fresh. The bouquet was what dreams are made of! Fresh strawberry-lemonade was my inspiration here with bright fuchsia celosia and pops of sunny yellow marigolds. I carefully reflexed each rose, giving it new shape and life. I wanted the structure to be more natural and asymmetrical, allowing for lots of depth and texture. 
For graphic designer Elizabeth Imber of Pomp Creative, the citrus theme and color palette for this styled shoot were simply swoon-worthy. From the blossomed lemon blooms that adorn the envelope liner to pretty pops of color throughout, she created a suite that will stop you in your tracks. The sophisticated and saturated colors carried over to the tablescape and its paper products with a pretty poppy round menu, lime green table card, and whimsical lemon sailboat place cards. A lemony bar menu touts the specialty vodka lemonade cocktail, and lemon vodka favors perfectly complement the mouthwatering motif.”

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Vintage Veils, LLC artist Amy Wild provided hair and makeup for model, Milani, who was painted and styled to add modern romance to the whimsical set. Her lips were painted in a deep, matted magenta tone to compliment all of the pinks in the abundance of flowers and grapefruits. The remainder of the makeup was soft and monochromatic. Bronze and warm mochas melted into her natural skin tone, allowing the lip color to truly live. Her hair was shaped into a low, textured chignon. Two strands were pulled from the front and romantically twisted and loosely pulled to meet in the back. A beautiful “S” bang to lay on her forehead would complete the bridal look. 
The Dessert First Bakery designed a bright and elegant tiered cake to contribute to this colorful shoot. Whipped buttercream is smoothed into a freestyle spiral pattern along each tier. These delicate tiers are accentuated by vibrant wreaths of fresh buttery yellow roses, green cymbidium orchids and bright citrus slices. I never forget to crown each of my stylish cakes, this time featuring a handmade golden pineapple as the finishing touch.”

5 Citrus Garden Styled Shoot-341

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6B Citrus Garden Styled Shoot-504

7 Citrus Garden Styled Shoot-247

“Artist Brittany Branson provided a custom, original acrylic venue painting celebrating the historic Hotel Tabard Inn. Intended to be a unique welcome for guests arriving to celebrate the happy couple, the painting features darling and delicious lemons that give guests and visitors a first taste of the theme and feel of the day. The inviting ‘celebrate with us’ calligraphy was inspired by the fun calligraphy featured on the invitation suite and is tenderly wrapped by painted vines. 
The model wore a stunning ivory trumpet gown. This Enaura gown’s embroidered bodice is incredibly detailed from its textured pattern to its delicate organza petals. The intricate top is nicely balanced by a simplistic tulle skirt and horsehair trim. The low back and sweetheart neckline bring attention to the shoulders while the silhouette hugs curves creating the perfect hourglass shape. This gown is equal parts glamour, vintage, and jaw-dropping.”

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