/ March 24, 2017

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from the photographer… “Randall hired The Yes Girls to help him plan the perfect proposal while on vacation with Kelley! I was there to document the whole thing, including all the time and effort he put into planning such an exclusive experience for his soon-to-be fiancee! Randall spared no little detail and the whole plan went off without a hitch!” 
Set against the backdrop of a lake surrounded by snow, it was the perfect setting for Randall to pop the question. After proceeding down a candlelit bridge, the couple came to a beautiful table that was set up with hot cocoa and sweets. Pieces of bark were scattered that had a few of Randall’s favorite traits about Kelley written on them. Everything was so sweet and thoughtful, and it all led up to just the right moment when Randall popped the question and Kelley said a big “yes”!

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