Styled Shoots

/ August 28, 2017

FEATURE SolieDesigns_2O1A9695_low

from the photographer… “A dreamy sand dune wedding next to the Columbia River was the end all of weddings for this bride. From the perfect sun filled day to the white sandy desert there couldn’t have been a better way to show off her beautiful flowing white gown and light airy flower collection. Washington seemed to be the obvious choice when it came to finding the perfect setting. This collection shows the ravishing greenery and hot sands of Washington all in one while enhancing the natural beauty of any bride.”

1 SolieDesigns_2O1A0226_low2 SolieDesigns_2O1A9649_low

3A SolieDesigns_2O1A9784_low
3B SolieDesigns_2O1A9773_low

4 SolieDesigns_2O1A0049_low

5A SolieDesigns_2O1A9900_low
5B SolieDesigns_A65A9551_low

6 SolieDesigns_2O1A0076_low

7A SolieDesigns_A65A9549_low
7B SolieDesigns_2O1A9905_low

8 SolieDesigns_A65A9553_low9 SolieDesigns_2O1A9815_low

10A SolieDesigns_2O1A9739_low
10B SolieDesigns_2O1A9763_low

11 SolieDesigns_2O1A9732_low

12A SolieDesigns_2O1A0132_low
12B SolieDesigns_2O1A0125_low

13 SolieDesigns_2O1A0088_low

14A SolieDesigns_2O1A9602_low
14B SolieDesigns_A65A9648_low

15 SolieDesigns_2O1A9562_low16 SolieDesigns_2O1A9674_low
1 SolieDesigns_2O1A0057_low2 SolieDesigns_2O1A0133_low3 SolieDesigns_2O1A9644_low4 SolieDesigns_2O1A9604_low5 SolieDesigns_2O1A9796_low6 SolieDesigns_2O1A9730_low7 SolieDesigns_A65A9652_low8 SolieDesigns_A65A9639_low