Styled Shoots

/ September 6, 2017

FEATURE 417A1014

from the photographer… “The inspiration behind this shoot is to celebrate the beauty of Rancho Las Lomas and the freshness of living in Orange County. Soft butter yellow hues embrace the delicate rays of the sunlight, while the blue tones resemble the clear crisp skies. This palette was meant to pop out against the terracotta throughout the venue and embrace the blue tiling at the Teatro. The romantic feel that is prominent throughout the property is brought in with a mix of modern and vintage decor pieces…French style seating, fragile glass china, and crystal hanging light pendants. All attendees and viewers should feel as if they have been transported outside of Southern California to create a unique photographic story through the design elements provided at the shoot.”

1 417A0863

2A AA7B8281
2B AA7B8283

3 AA7B8237

4A 417A0842
4B AA7B8272

5 AA7B8241

6A 417A0977
6B 417A1313

7 417A0986

8A 417A0878
8B 417A0879

9 417A0926

10A 417A0905
10B 417A0933

11 417A0911

12A 417A1077
12B 417A1155

13 417A0899

14A 417A0896
14B 417A0872

15 417A1142
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