Styled Shoots

/ September 15, 2017


from the photographer… “When it comes to gorgeous modern venues in Baltimore, Maryland, the George Peabody Library really stands out. Many Disney fans will find a world of delight in this gorgeous venue, as it provided the inspiration for the Beast’s library in Disney’s beloved animated classic, Beauty and the Beast. As a huge Disney lover myself, I was absolutely delighted to have the chance to participate in a styled shoot there. Heather Benge of Heather Benge Events, a Houston-based planner, really went above and beyond planning the details for this contemporary styled wedding shoot. The venue itself gives off a lot of hints of metallic gold and silver as well as featuring gorgeous marble floors and strings of twinkling lights, so Heather chose a color palette featuring blush, cream, gold, and grey in both metal and sparkling form. Our awesome floral team went above and beyond to bring hints of the outdoors inside, really adding to the fairytale aspect of the venue.”

1A RM2-4370
1B RM2-4308

2 RM2-4353

3A RM2-4326
3B RM2-4780

4 RM2-3215

5A RM2-4400
5B RM2-4892

6 RM2-3425

“Our bride and groom, Lissa and Erik Bergmann, are a real-life crazy-in-love husband and wife, something I personally feel adds something a little extra special to styled shoots, and I actively seek out real-life couples for the ones I plan as well. It’s such a great chance to get dressed up and relive some of the magic of your own big day! Lissa actually gets the honor of having held the title of Miss Alaska in 2013, which we thought was pretty cool! Her pageant background made modeling for our shoot a breeze! Lissa’s gown was soft and romantic, while the bridesmaids were placed in mismatched gowns. I absolutely love the form fitting sequin gowns, and would love to see them on more bridal parties as they are both fun and flattering! Our bridesmaids were actually sisters, and their natural chemistry added a lot of laughter to our shoot. I also enjoyed the choice of a dark blue suit for Erik, a daring step away from the often used grays.”

7 RM2-32488 RM2-3401

9A RM2-3658
9B RM2-3834

10 RM2-4067

“We really enjoyed the chance to style the details for this shoot as the invitation suites incorporated a daring blend of both gold and silver. A pair of glittery heels and a blush Mrs. Box with a gorgeous diamond ring combined with some woven ribbons and greens really reflected the style we were going for perfectly. Something unusual we were able to feature in our styled shoot was the use of a live ceremony painter. This is quickly becoming a trend, and it was amazing getting to watch a talented artist paint our styled shoot. I will definitely be recommending my brides check this out for their own weddings, as it can be such a special keepsake. This styled shoot not only shows off an awesome (and often overlooked) venue in downtown Baltimore, but it really falls on trend with many of the details modern brides are looking for. It has both romance and elegance as well as a subtle hint of the grandeur of times past. The glass ceilings let in gorgeous natural light, and the polished marbled floors are great for dancing the night away. The front marble steps make for fabulous pictures, and it would be a great place for a wedding or even a private elopement. Overall, the George Peabody Library is absolutely enchanting, and I hope to return there for weddings in the future!”

11A RM2-3622
11B RM2-4037

12 RM2-556913 RM2-4054

14A RM2-3594
14B RM2-3602

15 RM2-409616 RM2-414217 RM2-316118 RM2-3489
1 RM2-22 RM2-36363 RM2-31604 RM2-38675 RM2-40926 RM2-34107 RM2-42008 RM2-3546