/ November 7, 2016


from the groom-to-be, Amir… “From best friends in college to engaged in a decade; our story is not one of ease, but one worthy of love. We overcame mountains of obstacles, which were meant to tear us apart. However, in June of 2016, we stood in Paris, captivated in our love. No love story is as Disney would have it. Each story, whether publicized or not, has its own difficulties that make way for the foundation upon which that love is built. The beauty behind us is how we complement each other…as Par puts it, “Amir makes my heart sing, because he nurtures my dreams and loves with all his heart. He is my confidant, my safe place, my best friend.” For me, Par is the architect behind my happiness, the creator of my future. This is the foundation of our relationship. This is the reason why we have lasted through so much, for so long. This is the reason why we are here to stay, forever, as one. As Aristotle said, “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.””



“Now, while, in the most romantic city in the world, Paris, who wouldn’t want to take their engagement pictures? The challenge was to find a photographer we could connect with; one who would allow the emotions to flow, but guide us. The connection had to be one of understanding and excitement. The photographer had to demonstrate their love for the clients as much as their love for photography. Fran Boloni did just that and more…Fran’s artistic capabilities and ingenuity were eye-catching, but his love to provide us with photographs which not only captured our emotions, but our story was extraordinary. This is what surprised us the most about our engagement photo shoot; how fortunate we were to find the perfect photographer. The outcome was far more fulfilling than what we could have ever asked for.”





“It must be said, the part we found most enjoyable was the opportunity to connect and laugh with each other, the opportunity to segregate ourselves from our lives as we know it and play in our love for one another…This transient state was priceless. For a day, it was only Par and I… 
Our shoot in Paris was an adventure of a lifetime, where we were able to create memories while capturing moments that we will forever cherish. The day started at a cafe by Trocadero square and ended over at Bir-Hakeim bridge by the Eiffel tower. Take a look at the pictures and let them walk you through our love.”