Real Weddings

/ August 15, 2017

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from the photographer… “Pjetur & Dimitri had no simple nuptials. Dimitri is the face and founder of Skinn Cosmetics and Pjetur is an accomplished designer, and their love for the old glamour of Palm Springs and fine tastes were evident in all the details, big and small. Their wedding was glamorously and generously displayed in swaths of yellow and white, with references to the old Hollywood glamour of Palm Springs. There were glamazons on stilts, a hostess with a gown holding champagne glasses, a ferris wheel, 20 minutes of fire works ended the evening following a surprise concert featuring Wilson Phillips. The decor theme was a very modern Versailles sticking to white and yellow tones, with late Baroque styled lounge furniture with Jonathan Adler decorations to refer back to the style of the Parker. Clean, crisp, and very Californian, the reception design featured a beautiful orchid bud in a small vase at each seating arrangement, with the glowing lights of the ferris wheel in the background. Nothing was spared at this wedding as at the end of the night, silence enveloped the dance floor as guests stared in awe as Wilson Phillips played a generous musical set. Palm Springs has a strict 10pm ordinance so what better to end the evening but with a bang, a 20 minute fireworks bang!”

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