/ January 12, 2017

FEATURE Dayton_Jewel_Industrial_Boho_Wedding-280

from the photographer… “With a brand new event venue opening up, Mari and Kyle Foster, the co-owners of the vintage rental company Something Old Dayton, wanted to put together a styled shoot to show of the potential of this new space. It just so happened that Mari and Kyle were celebrating 11 years together which was the inspiration behind this industrial boho anniversary shoot! Mari based the jewel toned colors and geometric details off of her beautiful berry colored tulle skirt. With that inspiration, they put together a great team of vendors and handmade a lot of the details themselves including: Copper pipe arbor and seating chart stand, farm tables, sweetheart and cake table, cement/copper candlestick holders, and copper himmeli forms. All of these items are now available in their inventory for possible clients to rent for their big event!”

1A Dayton_Jewel_Industrial_Boho_Wedding-119
1B Dayton_Jewel_Industrial_Boho_Wedding-121

2 Dayton_Jewel_Industrial_Boho_Wedding-265

3A Dayton_Jewel_Industrial_Boho_Wedding-114
3B Dayton_Jewel_Industrial_Boho_Wedding-324

4 Dayton_Jewel_Industrial_Boho_Wedding-2105 Dayton_Jewel_Industrial_Boho_Wedding-135

6A Dayton_Jewel_Industrial_Boho_Wedding-136
6B Dayton_Jewel_Industrial_Boho_Wedding-144

7 Dayton_Jewel_Industrial_Boho_Wedding-1498 Dayton_Jewel_Industrial_Boho_Wedding-224

9A Dayton_Jewel_Industrial_Boho_Wedding-214
9B Dayton_Jewel_Industrial_Boho_Wedding-2

10 Dayton_Jewel_Industrial_Boho_Wedding-3

11A Dayton_Jewel_Industrial_Boho_Wedding-72
11B Dayton_Jewel_Industrial_Boho_Wedding-81

12 Dayton_Jewel_Industrial_Boho_Wedding-84

13A Dayton_Jewel_Industrial_Boho_Wedding-331
13B Dayton_Jewel_Industrial_Boho_Wedding-101

14 Dayton_Jewel_Industrial_Boho_Wedding-98
1 Dayton_Jewel_Industrial_Boho_Wedding-132 Dayton_Jewel_Industrial_Boho_Wedding-213 Dayton_Jewel_Industrial_Boho_Wedding-2644 Dayton_Jewel_Industrial_Boho_Wedding-1855 Dayton_Jewel_Industrial_Boho_Wedding-2696 Dayton_Jewel_Industrial_Boho_Wedding-887 Dayton_Jewel_Industrial_Boho_Wedding-1298 Dayton_Jewel_Industrial_Boho_Wedding-68