Styled Shoots

/ May 23, 2017

FEATURE DI4A5426 copy

from the photographer… “The focus of the shoot were to showcase Vene Ai’s modern, romantic, and timeless wedding dresses. We also wanted to emphasize interracial couples getting married because we felt the idea was underrated in the wedding community!”

1A DI4A6380
1B DI4A4599

2 0A9A7758

3A DI4A4961
3B DI4A4901

4 0A9A90425 0A9A7974

6A DI4A5456
6B 0A9A8778

7 DI4A57708 0A9A8262

9A 0A9A8255
9B 0A9A8270

10 DI4A5426

11A 0A9A8363
11B 0A9A8373

12 DI4A6364

13A DI4A6197
13B DI4A6204

1 0A9A84412 DI4A45793 0A9A87394 DI4A57665 DI4A45936 DI4A63237 DI4A63748 DI4A6385