Showers & Events

/ October 24, 2016


from the planner… “In this styled shoot, we wanted to focus on the floral fashion trend that has recently debuted and will continue into the 2017 wedding season, as well as a person’s love for music. During this bridal shower shoot, we wanted to make sure to portray to brides and grooms alike that bridal showers do not have to be over the top. Something as simple as your backyard surrounded by friends and family would give you the same loving feeling. At this shoot we were able to portray girls just having fun and doing what they do best, chatting and having a good time.”


Pops of pink, glitter, and floral patterns make this setting designed by Savy Events many girls’ dream come true. Chic, feminine rentals by Affordable and Luxury Event Rentals add an eccentricity that perfectly complements the vintage elements. Throw in musical notes and instruments and you end up with this unbelievably fun bridal shower a bride can truly enjoy with her best friends.