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/ January 19, 2017

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from the photographer… “There are so many amazing things I could say about this wedding. With a gorgeous location to start, there were endless spots to photograph all the special moments and details. Rhea just could not wait to see Kris (her fiance). She was all nerves and giggles until she finally was united with him during the first look.” 
from the bride… “Having our wedding at Pioneer Farms in Warwick, NY was a dream. From the charm of the farm to the abundance of nature surrounding us, the weekend could not have been more perfect. Thanks to some very fortunate weather cooperation and all the wonderful vendors we were lucky enough to work with, the wedding was executed beautifully.”

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“While there are an overwhelming number of special moments; heartfelt speeches, memorable dances and such an outpouring of love, my favorite part of the wedding was our ceremony. We made the very wise decision to ask our dear friend Francisco “Quico” Sierra to officiate our ceremony and although we suspected he would do a great job, we were totally blown away by how extraordinary it was. Prior to the wedding, Quico sat with us over multiple dinners (and multiple glasses of wine) to tease out our story and the best memories from our years together. At the ceremony, Kris and I laughed till we cried (along with our guests) and the overall result was that our love became a tangible thing that I hope others were able to feel. It was so special to see that love, which started with me and Kris, expand to encompass everyone who joined us for our special day.”

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