Styled Shoots

/ August 17, 2017

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from the photographer… “With so many inspiring trends for 2017 our team discussed many great ideas for this shoot over coffee, but it wasn’t until we went on a site visit to Battello in Jersey City that we were inspired by the beautifully designed space. With it’s waterfront, marina location, rustic touches and unbeatable views of the Manhattan skyline, it was obvious that we wanted to design a shoot that elevated the typical nautical wedding. Our goal was to forego the classic stripes and anchors you often see in a nautical theme in lieu of a sophisticated monotone color palette with a pop of color picked up from the beautiful Priscilla Costa Bridal gown, cool metallics, and natural elements such as beach pebbles.”

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“Bekah and Christy of Pineapple Street Designs designed an invitation suite and paper accents for the day reminiscent of rolling waves. Manhattan Garden added softness to the monochromatic table scape designed by The Event Refinery. The anemones used in the bridal & table bouquet added a final touch to the elegant cake designed by La Dulce Baker. These touches added an upscale finish with a nod to the nautical. Tanya Isaeva captured the day perfectly shooting with both film and digital and Brittany Ann Beauty provided fresh, natural hair and make up for our Bride. With interactive entertainment becoming a popular aspect of a wedding day we partnered with Live Well Paint Often to provide live event painting of the venue. This would be an unexpected element at any cocktail party plus a perfect keepsake after the big day.”

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