Styled Shoots

/ June 2, 2017

FEATURE StephParkerPhoto-IndustrialRomance-139

from the photographer… “Personally, I am very inspired by and drawn to contrast. Whether it be literal (light and darkness caused by shadows and natural light) or figurative (mingling the concept of rustic romance and a dark, industrial space). This styled shoot – Industrial Romance – was inspired by the idea of mixing big bloomed, feminine flowers and a traditionally masculine space. It was the perfect contrast to photograph for a styled shoot. What makes this shoot even more unique is the fact that I chose to photograph a same sex couple – two smart and amazing ladies. And to top it off, each and every business involved in this shoot is owned and operated by women.”

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“The beginning stages of planning this shoot did not run smoothly to say the least. The struggles began weeks beforehand in finding an available and willing venue all the way up to the day before the shoot when the flowers the event designer/florist picked up from her vendor were not as planned. I often struggled with the thought of giving up and finding different inspiration to photograph in a styled shoot. However, there was something about this concept – this idea – that made it so I absolutely could not give up on it! After everything was all said and done, I cannot believe I ever thought of not following through with this shoot! The entire day was magical and being able to give Claire and Kristin, our models and a real-life engaged couple, this experience has moved us all beyond words.”

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