Styled Shoots

/ June 30, 2017

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from the planner… “This shoot is based on the classic French story of Persinette, who we now refer to as Rapunzel. The shoot was created to tell the story of a lonely girl in her tower surrounded by jewels and luxury, with no one to share such beauty. When she meets her Love, she is at first hesitant and coy, while also intrigued. He draws her out and they have a private wedding in the lush gardens of her castle. She becomes more relaxed and the colors turn brighter. While things lighten up, she is still used to luxury, so the finest details are used to make the event special. An attempt to harken back to the reason for the wedding, this shoot was an exploration of the story that gets the couple to the wedding day. The love and the story of the two coming together is just as important as (if not more than) the day and the details themselves. The wedding is a celebration and representation of that love.”

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