/ January 23, 2017


from the photographer… “As a photographer who loves to travel, it is always such a joy when I get the opportunity to photograph an adventurous couple like Kristen and Jon. These two reached out to me and wanted to do an engagement session at the spot he proposed, which also happened to be one of the most beautiful places in the world: Yosemite National Park. We started out at Glacier Point, in front of Yosemite’s most recognizable landmark, Half Dome. Kristen wore a beautiful long flowy, dress and her fiancé Jon was dressed like a true gentleman in a suit. We had the most beautiful views. We spent the rest of our afternoon on an intimate hike up to the beautiful views of Yosemite overlooking Yosemite’s other most recognizable staple, El Capitan. We were thousands of feet above valley floor. It was one of the most breathtaking views I have ever seen, and on top of that we had the most beautiful sunset. It set in colors that I had never seen before. And what transpired are a series of photos that captures both the vastness of nature and the romance of two people in love. How often do you get to photograph a couple in a place like this?”

1 DN6A3081

2A DN6A3296
2B DN6A3304

3 DN6A31394 DN6A3338

5A DN6A3449
5B DN6A3459

6 DN6A3464

7A DN6A3401
7B DN6A3615

8 DN6A35059 DN6A366710 DN6A372311 DN6A377012 DN6A395213 DN6A389714 DN6A3993
1 DN6A30722 DN6A33983 DN6A35354 DN6A31675 DN6A37346 DN6A33857 DN6A36878 DN6A3764