/ February 10, 2017

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from the photographer… “We all know that the weather in New York City during winter months can be totally unpredictable. This snowy engagement session is proof of that. Tannie and Kevin wanted to have a magical and unique engagement session and that is exactly what they received. What looked like a normal overcast day turned to be just magical when beautiful snowflakes began descending from the sky as we started our session near Jane’s Carousel in Dumbo. This lovely touch of beauty made this engagement session much more cozier, unique and romantic. Tannie and Kevin braved the cold weather for the entire duration of the session. Although inbetween we made a little stop at One Girl Cookies to grab some espressos and gain some energy to culminate this engagement session on a high note. We are just amazed by their perseverance and their ability to go above and beyond to reach perfection on their lovely session. We truly believe that they were made for each other. Looking at their reactions when they are together and the constant display of love are proof of the unconditional love they hold for one another.”

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from the bride-to-be, Tannie, on their proposal… “It was very unexpected. On June 17, 2016, Kevin and I went to Spruce Street Harbor park in Philadelphia. It’s on the water and they have all sorts of lights, food trucks, boats and things like that. As the night went on we went down by the water and started playing ‘the question game’. We were asking each other silly questions like ‘How much do you love me?’ or ‘Do you love me more than ____?’. We decided to record it so that we could have some memories and as we were recording, Kevin randomly just asked me ‘Do you love me enough to marry me?’ and put the ring in front of the camera.”

Tannie’s thoughts about Kevin… “Kevin was different from everyone else. I was drawn to him because he took the time and was interested in getting to know me mentally and emotionally. Kevin is fun, silly, caring, happy, positive and loves sports!” 
Kevin’s thoughts about Tannie…“She is my better half and she makes me better every day by just being herself. Getting to know her has made my days better even when I think they can’t be. I am extremely grateful for everything she is as a person.”

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