Family Shoots

/ June 27, 2017

FEATURE Lyons_LindseyLyonsPhotography_LULU0654_low

from the photographer… “What better reason to celebrate than a sweet, furry pup turning one year old…in dog years, that is! This Shetland Sheepdog puppy, named Lucky “Lulu,” and her 4-year old momma, Rosie, enjoyed a puppy smash cake in the garden of their home in Richmond, Virginia. Rainbow sprinkles, an abundance of peanut butter icing, and packages bursting with fun toys are pretty powerful tools when trying to con one’s pets into wearing sparkly party hats. Their proud owners came up with the idea for the party after the miracle circumstances of Lulu’s birth. She was born healthy, hours after the rest of her litter emerged stillborn. Life is too short not to celebrate every adorable, fluffy moment! Toss confetti in the air and eat dessert first.”

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