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/ August 7, 2017

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from the bride… “Eric and I met on We were celebrating our four year anniversary by having a delicious seafood dinner and a ride on the Seattle Great Wheel. He proposed while watching the sunset and the Seattle skyline behind us. I told him right after we got engaged, that he owes me another ride on the Great Wheel, because I was too overwhelmed with the proposal to pay attention to the beautiful scenery. We decided to get married in Miami (where I’m from) one year after our engagement. We figured it would work best to celebrate our wedding anniversary, along with our first dates anniversary, together. We’re a corny couple like that. Both Eric and I love everything Italian. We were hoping to go to Italy for our honeymoon, but taking time off for both our destination wedding and a European honeymoon was not working out with our jobs and funds. That’s when we decided to have a Tuscan themed wedding instead. We had beautiful dark greens and white florals in our centerpieces. We ended up going to Aruba for our honeymoon and enjoyed some snorkeling and the “Happy Island” life. However, we vowed to each other that we would celebrate our anniversary by going to a country or city that we’ve never been to, including Italy one day.”

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