Styled Shoots

/ January 26, 2017


from the photographer… “We were inspired to create this indoor styled shoot in the middle of winter here in Canada. The winters are long, and dreaming of nicer weather is what we do here. I love flowers and greenery and wanted to capture a romantic scene. We enjoyed piecing together two bridal looks. The first look is very subtle with cascading hair and simple makeup. For the second look our model, Vasy, has her hair swept up and a bolder lip to add more drama for the end of the day. We loved using the greens and lighter colored flowers and touches of gold in the design elements!”

1 DSC_2510

2A DSC_2415
2B DSC_2375

3 DSC_2497

4A DSC_2747
4B DSC_2793

5 DSC_28136 DSC_2968-Edit

7A DSC_2859
7B DSC_2834

8 DSC_28309 DSC_284410 DSC_286111 DSC_306712 DSC_340013 DSC_3380

14A DSC_3604
14B DSC_3632

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